The Jaunting Pad is a wiki devoted to The Tomorrow People, in all of its official forms.

The original Thames television show started in 1973 and ran for eight seasons.

This wiki also covers its spin-offs, notably the series that began in 1992 (running for 5 seasons), the 2013 CW series, and the Big Finish audio series (in continuity with the 1973 show) that ran between 2001 and 2007.

Fan fiction, however, is out of bounds for the purposes of this wiki. Information considered "valid" on this wiki must be sourced from official Tomorrow People programming or tie-in merchandise. Information posted without an apparent source will be tagged and, if no source can be found, eventually deleted.

Sources may be referenced by placing your text inside <ref></ref> tags. If no ref tag is visible, anyone who isn't sure if information is from a reliable source or not may use the "Cite" tag: {{cite}}.

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