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Episode Information
Series U.S. TV Series
Season # 1
Episode # 8
Original Airdate(s) 12 December 2013
Writer(s) Phil Klemmer and Alex Katsnelson
Director Rob Bailey
Previous "Limbo"
Next "Death's Door"

"Thanatos" is the eighth episode of season 1 of The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series.

Official Synopsis Edit

Stephen is determined to uncover what he hopes is the key to finding his father, and crafts a plan with the Tomorrow People that involves getting inside Jedikiah's head.

Meanwhile, Cara and Russell encounter an uninvited visitor in the subway tunnel base. Stephen takes a risky opportunity and snoops around Ultra.[1]

Guest Cast Edit

Reception Edit

  • Jim McMahon of gave a mixed review, calling the episode "repetitive" and "monotonous", with the final verdict being "An eventful episode still doesn't quite add up to an exciting hour for The Tomorrow People."[2]
  • Michelle Carlbert of wrote: "Okay, now this episode was more like it." She rated the episode 4.7 / 5.0.[3]
  • Morgan Jeffery of gave a more positive review, calling it "the best episode of the 21st century Tomorrow People that we've yet seen - a game-changing installment on practically every level."[4]
  • Andy Behbakht of was similiarly positive, calling it "a great returning episode".[5]

Ratings Edit

The episode earned a 0.7 rating and a 2 share in the 18-49 demo, with 1.8 million viewers (live + same day DVR).[6]

Episode Details Edit

  • The title of the episode refers to the ancient Greek mythological personification of Death, and also to the nickname of Aldus Crick.
  • Ultra was founded by Jedikiah, Roger, and Crick.
  • Shortly after undergoing the Annex Project treatment, John killed Roger on orders from Jedikiah.

Preview Edit

The Tomorrow People 1x08 Extended Promo "Thanatos" (HD)00:31

The Tomorrow People 1x08 Extended Promo "Thanatos" (HD)

References Edit

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