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Pavla Vlasova
Tp pavla
Species Human (telepath)
Series Original Series
First Appearance The Dirtiest Business
Last Appearance The Dirtiest Business

Pavla Vlasova was a young KGB agent. When she was ten years old, students at her school were tested for ESP potential by the Soviet Institute of Parnormal Studies, a part of Leningrad University. The Institute was actually working for the KGB, and when her abilities were discovered, her drowning death was faked during a class trip to the Black Sea. She spent the next four years undergoing KGB training.

At age 16, she went on a mission to London where she read the minds of delegates at a NATO military conference. During the mission, she escaped from her KGB minders and came into contact with the Tomorrow People. She was eventually taken by the British SIS, who used a machine to extract information directly from her brain. The KGB, fearing that she was giving up secrets, detonated an explosive implant within her body, resulting in her death.

Notes Edit

A computer screen General Stavloski's office in the Russian Embassy displayed the following information:

  • Pavla Vlasova
  • Age 16
  • DOB 28 January 1960
  • BR01628-D48-

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