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Luke Mitchell
Mitchell at the 2013 Summer TCA press tour
Nationality Australian
Born 17 April 1985
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Years Active 2008-present[1]

Luke Mitchell portrays John Young in The Tomorrow People U.S. TV Series. He played Romeo Smith in Home And Away and Will Benjamin in H20: Just Add Water.

Personal LifeEdit

Luke Mitchell is married to former Home And Away co-star Rebecca Breeds, who played former love-interest Ruby Buckton.[2]

Mitchell has three brothers and a younger sister. His younger brother, Ben Mitchell, is a professional tennis player.

Publicity Edit

In an interview with KSiteTV, Mitchell said that he had met Nicholas Young (John from the Original Series): "He came to set, and that was a real thrill. Very nice man. It was kind of a bit of a trip-out, having him come on set. He hasn't seen our pilot, but he said he saw the trailer and he loved the trailer. He's thrilled to be here and be a part of this. It kind of feels right to have him be a part of this, and also to have him be here now."[3]

When the website TV Equals asked about the stunts on the show, Mitchell replied: "I do a lot of stunts myself. We have doubles when we have to do a particular dangerous move, or something where we could potentially hurt ourselves more than the usual."[4]

Media Edit

In this video interview, Mitchell talks about John Young's "grand plan."
Tomorrow People - Luke Mitchell Interview01:02

Tomorrow People - Luke Mitchell Interview

Photo of Luke Mitchell and Nicholas Young, from Mitchell's Instagram[5]

References Edit

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