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Hsui Tai
Species Homo superior
Series Original Series
First Appearance The Lost Gods
Last Appearance War of the Empires
Portrayed by Misako Koba

Hsui Tai was a character in The Tomorrow People Original Series. As a result of her telepathic contact with Mike, she was rescued from a Himalayan temple (where she had been revered as a goddess) and became one of the Tomorrow People.

Matthew Kilburn, in his blog The St. James Evening Post, had this to say about the character: "Misako Koba, playing Hsui Tai, returns to the Sammie Winmill precedent of older actress playing a teenager, but her lack of acting experience and her idiosyncratic pronunciation of English ... support her status as neophyte and comrade-in-arms for Mike."[1]

References Edit

  1. The Tomorrow People, series four to eight,, retrieved 30 August 2013

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