Note: the title of this article is speculative.

The depowering serum is a drug that Ultra uses to remove powers from Homo superior.

Appearances Edit

103. "Girl, Interrupted" Edit

  • Used to depower an art thief.
  • Stephen seemingly injects Cara with the serum, but uses his time-stop ability to swap it out for saline solution.

105. "All Tomorrow's Parties" Edit

  • Stephen steals a vial of the serum from Ultra, during the depowering of criminal Mark Menendez.
  • Cara injects Kurt Rundle with the drug after learning that he was responsible for the ambush at Club Barcelona that led to the deaths of three Tomorrow People.
  • Irene Quinn explains that the serum inserts palindromic sequences and chimeric strands into the genetic code of Tomorrow People, replacing Homo superior nucleotide patterns with that of Homo sapiens.

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