• Kriseee11

    Invisible Woman

    November 22, 2013 by Kriseee11
    1. Marine Biologist of Human Resources 
    2. Teleportation Telekinesis Telepathy Psychokinesis 

     3. Tracking And Haunting Vics

     4. Maps And Posts 

    I have been tracking and haunting things that go bump in the night and the field of play tagging and bagging them for Ultra their strong but I am stronger kinda taking my word for it and the connection with Vic's turning up dead by some breakouts are stronger then they look according to Ultra it's a Fidelity Government working on finding these Rogue Paranormals it's a full service job on those who we protect and our familes as well.

    1. No Connecting With my old life with my New life
    2. No Connection with my human life 
    3. Fidelity is a Full Job Description 
    4. Kill Or Be Killed
    5. Made you strong perfect 
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  • Alixsa


    July 18, 2009 by Alixsa

    So is this wiki still alive? I've just been watching the show on DVD and thought I'd add episode summaries.

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