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• 12/12/2013

Death's Door

Anyone got thoughts on the winter finale?

I got some, for starters:

Like I said in the "New on the Jaunting Pad" board, Jedikiah is highly unlikely to be just mortal beings... he's getting more and more like an employee of the Consortium, working for Junior Architect. It shows up in his face, nearly unrecognizable when the Founder said contemptuously, "You're only human" -- looks like there's high probability that he's not who the Founder think he is... Or when the Founder searched his mind, and saw he shot Morgan -- but only that he shot Morgan, not his plans within... It's like Jedikiah showed the Founder exactly what he wanted him to see... Rank 10 Passive defensive abilities in effect, eh?

Jedikiah's girl alive, and Jedikiah maintained his position in Ultra; Stephen raised no suspicion in Ultra; hope rekindled when Stephen discovered his Rank 4 dad alive... and there's a way to find him... good way to start a winter break.

CW's The Tomorrow People... and Arrow... Best. Win-Fin. Ever.

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• 12/13/2013

Jedikiah didn't see Morgan get up so, there is no way that the founder would have been able to see that. 

• 12/13/2013

But Jedikiah did not shot Morgan in the head, but a precise close-by. He just put his gun to the pillow and pulled the trigger. No delay for precise aiming, but real precise. It doesn't seems like a random-like shot would be so accurate... evidence of high-ranked precision, reflexes, and extensive trainings, eh? Also, even Jedikiah didn't see Morgan get up, he knows that he deliberately mis-shot her. The Founder should seen this in Jedikiah's head, but all he got was the "Jedikiah shot Morgan in the head" message, not "Jedikiah shot Morgan right next to the head". He didn't see that the shot was deviated. Like the deviation thought in Jedikiah's mind was designated to be actively blocked from the Founder. Many signs convinced me that Jedikiah is no ordinary human, nor is he a Tomorrow People, but something beyond. Something high above, maybe higher than the gods.

If I am to give him an origin story, I'd still place him in the 5th Consortium Assignment Group. Carrying on assignments under direct orders of Junior Architect.

• 12/13/2013

I think you way too active an imagination.  What the Tomorrow people see is memories.  The memory was of Morgan being shot in the head.  All it says is that he knew where he head was.  You don't need to be part of an organization to learn how to use a gun nor how to feel where a person's head is.  You do understand that he grew up with a telepathic briother, right?  He could have easily taught him to control his thoughts just like Cara taught Stephan.  . 

• 12/14/2013

Yes, I am active. Still, I stand by my thoughts. Jedikiah is not evil. He's working for someone higher-up than Ultra. He's staying in the grey area, maintaining the distance from and of both sides. I think there's more to this guy than we know.

• 12/15/2013

I felt very sorry for Dr. Death. I wish he could be living his solo life, and keep his contact with the group.

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