Anyone got thoughts on the winter finale?

I got some, for starters:

Like I said in the "New on the Jaunting Pad" board, Jedikiah is highly unlikely to be just mortal beings... he's getting more and more like an employee of the Consortium, working for Junior Architect. It shows up in his face, nearly unrecognizable when the Founder said contemptuously, "You're only human" -- looks like there's high probability that he's not who the Founder think he is... Or when the Founder searched his mind, and saw he shot Morgan -- but only that he shot Morgan, not his plans within... It's like Jedikiah showed the Founder exactly what he wanted him to see... Rank 10 Passive defensive abilities in effect, eh?

Jedikiah's girl alive, and Jedikiah maintained his position in Ultra; Stephen raised no suspicion in Ultra; hope rekindled when Stephen discovered his Rank 4 dad alive... and there's a way to find him... good way to start a winter break.

CW's The Tomorrow People... and Arrow... Best. Win-Fin. Ever.