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Here's an idea for The Tomorrow People: Season 1 Recap when this season's over. Instead of a narration, maybe it should be an interview/debrief sort, with multiple flashback through out the season. Something like:

>An undisclosed location. Debriefing center.

>Faction Origin: Unknown.

>Participants: "Unknown male" (Debriefed). Jedikiah Price (Debriefer).


Jedikiah Price

Jedikiah is not essentially evil, and the Ultra is not the lead organization -- there's someone way higher up, called the Fifth Consortium (5C), one of the very high secret division of an enormous organization (the lower the number, the higher the rank, and the more difficult it is to advance). And Jedikiah, as the REAL leader of Ultra (but not shown on screen), is working for the 5C. And when this task jumps out, he volunteered, understood the risks (even when it means risking his own life), and accepted the task.

Jedikiah has Rank 10 powers and skills that overpowers the entire Tomorrow People population combined, and has learned to perfectly and gracefully counter them. He also has access to high-ranking gears and gadgets. But as a required condition for his task, his offensive-side skills are voluntarily hidden - not actively shown, leaving only his defensive-side skills than perfectly conceals his identity, making everyone believe he's an ordinary human (Especially when he's with Morgan, as shown in episode 8 ). His advanced gadgets are also hidden to lower the risks of public detection of unready cutting-edge technologies.

The Outbreak:

The tomorrow people's powers' outbreak were no accident: A drop of Junior Architect's experimental serum leaked onto this world and prematurely caused an evolution (Don't ask me about the Architects because that would be a REALLY LONG story). The serum evolves organics (namely humans), granting them different ranks of powers (Rank 1: Telepathy ; Rank 2: Teleportation ; Rank 3: Telekinesis; Rank 4: Chronokinesis , etc.), but at the same time, for a price, the Serum removed them of the ability to kill (Namely the Prime Barrier, though it can be reattained through proper trainings). Most of the Tomorrow People were at Rank 3, but a very few of them, like Stephen, has a rare Rank 4 ability.

The Conflict:

The underground were one group, but they were not organized teenagers that were unstable. Another incident already occured in the "X-Men" world, and the Architect doesn't want it to happen again so he can mop up the mess, he sent Jedikiah, who were working for him, to form up Ultra and attempt to suppress the outbreak and minimize the chance of public detection and the risk of open warfare, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY (Yes they have Fifth Freedom and lethal forces are authorized).

The underground group wish to be free, but they never know damage control. While the Ultra is suppressing the public awareness by all means, which clashed with the underground group. Hence the conflict.

The debrief is circled around the events of Season 1, with the development of Stephen Rank 4 and the other Rank 3s. (The suppression band of episode 7 is mentioned and is highly approved by the debriefed)

Unknown Male

The Unknown male presents in front of Jedikiah and point-black range, but Jedikiah doesn't know who he is. The unknown male's real appearance and voice is concealed; and is shown instead, something like:


first-thought apprearances of unknown male

A dark smoke-like figure with a little light in the middlewith a human shaped figure. Resembles that one------------------->>>

Story framework:

Debrief starts with the unknown male addressing Jedikiah as his employee, retelling story of The Tomorrow People Season 1 and remarking how he has performed. Also revealing that Jedikiah is the TRUE leader of Ultra in disguise as a division head.

> [Main body still under construction as primary storyline builds] However, it is noted that Jedikiah knows everything: Where the underground group are, Stephen Rank 4's Chronokinesis ability and Cara Rank 3's power never removed, Stephen's undercover in Ultra, Astrid's and Cara's relationship with Stephen, all of it. And he never reveal any of them, and no one knows about it or ever finds out about it because of Jedikiah's Rank 10 defensive skills and powers. Not even the on-screen leaders of Ultra knows who Jedikiah really is.

> Note: The episode 7 's Power negation band is mentioned, and is highly commended by the unknown male for having his nephew learn the hard way.

The debrief concludes with the debriefed "Unknown male" thanks Jedikiah and relays him that the Fifth Consortium appreciates his services. However, the drop of serum is completely assimilated into the local humans' DNA and there's no way to retrieve it, so Jedikiah has to stay his Ultra organization and keep his fight with the underground group until the situation is resolved. He has given a higher rank in the Fifth Consortium, along with new skills and new gears and gadgets deliveries.

Then the unknown male disappears.

Intro to Season 2.


Author's comment:

it's a craaaaaaazzzzy idea, I know, and lots of things needs explanations. But it feels nice to get it off my chest. Nice to show it to somebody.

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